Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities

GITC 2021


Ⅰ. Overview

1. Description

Instead of a simple question easily answered by internet surfing, the participants will search for and assess useful information that is relevant and helpful in the real life of youth with disabilities. Apart from simple text searches, the participant will develop the ability to access information in a multimedia society by improving advanced search skills such as image searching.

2. Type of participation: Individual

3. Type of disability: No restrictions on type of disability (all types of disabilities)

· Level of assignment difficulty will be different for participants with developmental disability

4. Time: 50 mins for 10 questions (70 mins for screen reader user)

5. Target skills of the test

  • Browsing skills for useful information or with search methods that can be easily used in daily life
  • Utilizing portal services and searching for information on social issue and important figures

Ⅱ. Environment and Operation

1. Location and equipment

No restriction on locations for participation.

No restriction on equipment (however, PC is recommended)

Software: OS Windows 7 or newer and various types of browsers (choose freely among Chrome, Mozila Firefox, and Safari)(Chrome is the most recommended, and Internet Explorer is not recommended)

Software for participants with visual impairment: Jaws and NVDA

All monitored participants have to be on video screen on Zoom throughout the competition. If not, it would be considered as Non-monitored.

2. Rules of the test and submission

The Challenge will be held on June 17th (Preliminary round); Oct 20th (Final round).

Participants can log in 30 mins before the test starts.

The test questions will be uploaded on GITC 2021 official website on the day of the test.

Answers must be written in English.

The questions can be checked and downloaded from GITC 2021 official web site (competition platform) immediately after the announcement for start.

The answers must be submitted to the platform within the allotted time.

Ⅲ. Evaluation

1. Evaluation criteria

All questions are in the form of a short answer question (Link for English web page will not be included)

Only correct answer will gain a point

No partial points will be given

Priority for even scores

  • 1st priority

    Degree of disabilities
  • 2nd priority

    Younger age

Ⅳ. Penalties (only for monitored participants)

1. Warning

Interfering with other participants

Leaving the competition location without permission

2. Disqualification

After 3 warnings are given

If participants did not log in with their real name on Zoom

If a medium that can share information with others, including email, facebook and etc. is used

If other external storage devices such as USB memory are used.

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