Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities



The GITC annually provides informatization education programs by assigning an IT expert and a teacher for two-three youths with disabilities
in developing countries. The youth with disabilities who successfully completed the program are given the opportunity to participate
in the IT Paralympiad.

Produce and distribute e-Learning material

Structure : Introduction of each Challenge (eTool/eLifeMap/eContents/eCreative), rules for the Paralympiad Learning contents, and sample questions

Language : Korean/English, two types

  • GITC
  • GITC

Select trainees and implement training : Mentoring-based eLearning ICT education

Venues: Students' schools, homes, partner institutions, or Internet cafes

Language : Korean/English, two types

Training double number(approx. 200) of the final entries of GITC


Match one IT expert with two or three youths with disabilities

Train each Challenges of the IT Paralympiad

Self-study method with educational materials

Weekly mentoring with teachers/experts

Period of education : April ~ June, (Eight Weeks, Twice a week)

Selection of participants

Conduct group assessment after the completion of e-Learning
Select participants who have completed e-Learning with excellent result

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