Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities

GITC 2021

Features of GITC 2021

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, the GITC 2021 has been modified into an online competition.
The structure and contents of GITC has been changed accordingly.

1. No restrictions on competition location

The locations can be chosen freely and there are two ways to participate.


  • The competition will be
    monitored through ‘Zoom’ by
    the Secretariat.
  • Participants take part in the competition in a shared space by gathering or any other comfortable places (even at home, school, cafe, etc).
  • The financial support will be provided
    only for Monitored participants.


  • Participants who are not being monitored through Zoom are considered as Non-monitored participants.
  • There will be no financial support for Non-monitored participants.
  • There will be different prizes between Monitored and Non-monitored participation.

2. No restrictions on equipment

Participants may use any type of compatible equipment: mobile phone, laptop, desktop and etc.

3. No limit on event participation

Any individual competitor can participate in more than 1 event.

There are 5 events in total: eLifeMap Challenge, eTool_Excel Challenge, eTool_Powerpoint Challenge, eContents Challenge , eCreative Challenge

In previous GITC, there was a limit in participation for the eTool Challenge depending on if a competitor had visual impairment. But for the 2021 GITC, participants can take part in both of the eTool Challenge (Excel and PowerPoint) regardless of the type of disability.

In the eContents and eCreative Challenge which used to be a team competition, participants can now take part as individuals or in a team, consisting of 2~4 members.

The youth who participates as a team in eCreative, eContents Challenges can only be in one team per Challenge (e.g. one participant cannot belong to two teams in the eCreative Challenge)

4. No limit on number of participants

There is no limit on the number of participants from each country.

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