Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities


eTool Challenge

Ⅰ. eTool challenge

1. Overview of the competition

BView presented documents and quickly and accurately create, modify and edit problem instructions to improve documentation and multimedia utilization

2. Classification : Individual Competition

3. Types of Disabililties : Developmental, Hearing, Physical, Visual Impairment

Test is different according to type of disabilities (Visual / Non-visual)

4. Challenge Composition : 50 minutes for 10 questions ( 70 minutes for screen reader users)

5. Direction of question

Excel : Measurement of function utilization ability using Excel. Evaluate the ability to calculate data according to the criteria such as sum, least value, maximum value, etc. within the data sheet created

Powerpoint : Measurement of the ability to slide presentation using Powerpoint

Ⅱ. Equipment operating regulations

  • Participating teams can only use equipment
    provided by the GITC Organizing Committee
    (mobile phones, computers, laptops,software
    programs, educational materials, ect.)
  • Software used
    Window 7, Window MS Office 2010
    (Powerpoint, Excel)
  • Software for Visually impaired
    youth with disabilities : Jaws, NVDA

Ⅲ. Submission Rules

Write the English answer and change the file name of the answer to the participant’s unique code, and save it on the desktop

Ⅳ. Scoring Criteria

1. Scoring Criteria

Identifying whether the submitted answer file was written correctly as instructed

Submission in English is mandatory

Incorrect answers if the submission has not been made in English

2. Corrective handling criteria

Verify that each instruction has been correctly performed

Verify that the answer has been correctly written

3. Criteria for the treatment of ties

  • 1st Priority

    Participants with severe disabilities
  • 2nd Priority

    Participants whose birth date is late

Ⅴ. Fraud

1. Scoring Criteria

  • In case of an act that interferes with other participants
  • In case of an unauthorized exit form a seat

2. Disqualification measures

  • In case of three or more precautions
  • If the position assigned
    to each participant is not used
  • If the participant use the media
    that can share with others,
    such as email or Facebook
  • If the participant use other
    equipment than the provided PC
  • If the participant use a program
    other than the one installed
  • Other external storage devices,
    such as USB memory
  • Rehabilitation International Korea, SongAm Bldg 5th FL, 134, Myengdal-ro, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, Korea (06656)
  • Copyright (C) 2020 RI KOREA Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities. All rights reserved.