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eCreative Challenge

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eCreative Challenge

Teacher name GITC
Course composition Total 12 Course

1. What is the eCreative Challenge?
  -  This Challenge is to test skills in decorating an automatic miniature car and in self-driving programming(Coding)
      which requires the operating skills to safely reach the destination
      by self-driving the model of car through various mission sections and obstacles in a virtual stadium.


2. eCreative Challenge Learning Goals
  -  Zumi is a curious autonomous car that will learn about robotics, coding, and artificial intelligence with you.

  -  Jumi is also a great textbook as a tool for learning Python, which is simple and easy to learn.
  -  Naturally, Jumi can also easily implement more features using Python, which has powerful features.
  -  This course covers Python's simple grammar to learning zumi.

This table is where you can check the curriculum of elearning of the etool challenge and download educational materials.
Educational materials are in ppt, pdf, or Excel files.
No Lecture name Time Download Sample
1 1. ※ [Download All Files of eContents Material] 0Min
2 2. ※ [Download RokitBrick v.1.2.4] 0Min
3 3. Lesson1. eCreative Challenge Introduction 0Min
4 4. Lesson2. Assambly 0Min
5 5. Lesson3. Charging 0Min
6 6. Lesson4. Basic Command 0Min
7 7. Lesson5. Turning 0Min
8 8. Lesson6. Count Blocks 0Min
9 9. Lesson7. Sensor Variables 0Min
10 10. Lesson8. Sensor Variables 0Min
11 11. Lesson9. Maze 0Min
12 12. Lesson10. Line Tracing 0Min
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