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eContents Challenge

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eContents Challenge

Teacher name GITC
Course composition Total 7 Course [5min]

1. What is the eContents Challenge?
  -  This Challenge is to test the ability to make a video clip.
  -  Hence, creative thinking and technical skill are required.
  -  Participants have to make a video clip based on given assignment by using diverse functions of video program.

  -  Participants should apply their own creative idea.


2. eContents Challenge Learning Goals
  -  Windows 10 Video Editor is a program that lets you create your own video-story

      through capturing or recording the moments of your life

      and share it internationally by uploading it to the YouTube or other social media.

  -  You only need the simple video editing skills to make it true!
  -  Also, your job opportunities in related fields will increase gradually.
  -  As a team competition, you will also learn how to cooperate in the eContents challenge competition.



This table is where you can check the curriculum of elearning of the etool challenge and download educational materials.
Educational materials are in ppt, pdf, or Excel files.
No Lecture name Time Download Sample
0 0. ※ [Download All Files of eContents Material] 0Min
1 1. Demo Video 5Min
2 2. Lesson1. Create Project 0Min
3 3. Lesson2. Add the Title 0Min
4 4. Lesson3. Photo Effect 0Min
5 5. Lesson4. Video Effect 0Min
6 6. Lesson5. Background Music 0Min
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