Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities


GITC Introduction

Welcome GITC


The RI Korea was the first disability group established in 1954 under the Ministry of Health and Welfare in South Korea. It has been a leading organization that has led Korea's disability policy, academic and service field development for 60 years.

In particular, to promote social participation through the resolution of the digital divide of the people with disabilities

Between 1990 and 2010, hosting a domestic IT Challenge

Corporate partnership : Cheonrian → KT → SKT

- Each year, about 1,200 people from all over Korea participate in the preliminary contest for the main competition which includes
① IT competition, ② seminar for welfare officers for the people with disability ③ job fair, etc.

- Reference. Except for the domestic competition : Commemoratory for 2002 APEC Conference ‘APEC Camp for the Youth with disability’hosting in Korea (15 countries, 160 persons participate)’


Corporate partership : LG U+, Naver → LG corporate, LG electronics

Converted to International Event in 2011 to eliminate the digital divide in developing countries

Global Competition

- 2011. Kor·Vietnam cooperation commemoratory event(10.13~17, Korea 79 persons, Vietnam 171 persons)

- 2012. Incheon International Conferences on Disability(10.30~11.2 28countries 321 persons, Incheon)

- 2013. The 3rd Asian·Pacific people with disability 10 years execute(13”~ 22”) Commemoratory Event.(10.8~11, 12countries 227 persons, UNESCAP,Bangkok)

- 2014. ASEAN·Republic of KOREA Commemorative Summit Additional Event(12.9~13, 11 countries 290 persons, Busan)

- 2015. Indonesian government partnership commemoratory Event(10.25~29, 15countries, 250persons, Jakarta)

- 2016. Chinese government partnership commemoratory Event(11.21~25, 16 countries 270 persons, Yangzhou)

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea observe

- 2017. Kor·Vietnam 25th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations Commemoratory Event(9.18~22, 16 countries, 285 persons, Hanoi)

- 2018. RI Korea·Indian government first MOU Signing Event(11.8~12, 18 countries, 300 persons, New Delhi)

Competition Overview

Main objective

Through the e-Learning educating and IT Paralympiad, establish the foundation for the improvement of information literacy and social
advancement (employment, entering schools) of youth with disabilities

>> SDGs 1(Poverty)·8(high quality jobs) / Incheon strategy objective 3 (Information divide) execute

Establishing a partnership with governments, corporations, and CSOs to resolve the digital divide and revitalize infrastructure

>> SDGs 9(Infrastructure)·17(Global Partnership) / Incheon strategy objective 10 (global cooperation)

Scehdule : Preliminary Round in June, IT Paralympiad in October

Hosting country: Korea

- Object : 20 countries, about 500 persons

- The youth : no restriction in types of disabilities (14 - 23 age), about 450 persons

- Chaperone : Officials from each country, Experts, etc. about 50 persons

※ Targeting countries for participating

Asian-Pacific 21 countries : China, Mongolia, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Nepal,Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan ,Singapore, India

Recruitment : Domestic applicants

- Between 2021 April ~ June, pre-education progress

- Participants qualification :

① 14 – 23 middle school or high school student

② Participants who could utilize MS office, internet, scratch program

③ English user, Serious disability has special treatment

④ Participants who has high score from the pre-education

Co-host: Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korea, LG corporate

Co-organization: LG electronics, RI Korea

Sponsorship: Ministry of Science and ICT in Korea, UN ESCAP, RI, Community Chest of Korea

Official Language: English


Main objective

  • - Step 1. Pre-preparation -
    • e-Learning data development & supply (Seoul Univ. Inha Univ.)
    • Informationization Education/ Selecting participants & Management
  • - Step 2. Event -
    • Preliminary Round and IT Paralympiad
    • InI Forum assessment meeting (Officials _ IT experts _ structuring network)
  • - Step 3. Follow up -
    • IT Center construct & Found Social Enterprise (Vietnam 11 places, Indonesia 3 places)

※ Setting the exam questions, evaluation and operating

Seoul Univ. school of computer engineering (MMLAB) / Prof. Choi Yanghee(former minister of Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning) / Technical chief

Inha Univ. school of computer engineering / Prof. Kwon Jang-woo

Event Composition

Category Category Category Notes
Before the event Informationization education (e-Learning) the Youth Expert Teacher

e-Learning contents development and supply connecting to IT and competition event

1(Experts, Teachers): 2(the Youth) or group education

During the GITC Preliminary Round the Youth Due to COVID-19 outbreak, GITC 2021 will be held through online platform. The structure and contents has been changed in accordance with onlinebased competition.

The preliminary round will be held in the same way as the IT Paralympiad, and youth participants must participate in the preliminary round to be qualified for the IT Paralympiad.

However, in countries that have already conducted their own regional preliminary round and already selected finalists, they can skip the preliminary round. In that case, chaperones must submit evidence of test scores and results to the secretariat via email by Mar. 31st 2021

IT Paralympiad the Youth

eTool Challenge: MS Utilizing proficiency : Visual_ Excel / Non-Visual PowerPoint

eLifeMap Challenge: Coping ability through the internet searching

eContents Challenge: Video editing ability

eTool Challenge: MS Utilizing proficiency

InI Forum Expert Official

Topic presentation and discussion *ICT policy problem for disability access from each country

Announcing of statement for ICT policy and technical evelopment, the spread of awareness

Present statement of Implement of GITC in one’s own country and the spread of the achievement

Post the event Follow up Common

Competition assessment, Final report & supply

Next hosting candidate country investigation

International development basic investigation, etc.

  • Rehabilitation International Korea, SongAm Bldg 5th FL, 134, Myengdal-ro, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, Korea (06656)
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