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  • Below is an example of filling out an application form.
    Please note that applications may not be approved if you do not comply with the characteristics standard.

    And also, If you copy and use the example of the application below as it is in your application form, the application may not be approved.
    Please write your story sincerely.






    Q. Please introduce yourself briefly (150 characters, including space)

    Hello, I'm Jeongyeop and I'm 18 years old.

    When I was 5 years old, I had a paralysis due to a car accident.

    I couldn't move my legs and had to walk on crutches, so I managed to go to elementary school.

    It is still a society that is not inclusive to the people with disability, but I am trying to overcome and change the society.


    Q. Why do you apply for the Challenge? (150 characters, including space)

    I have been interested in IT and computer programs since I was young.

    I think GITC is a good opportunity to use what I have learned about IT technology.

    I participate because I want to show my passion for IT and show that I can also challenge myself.


    Q. How will you use the experience gained from the Program in the future? (150 characters, including space)

    What I learned through e-learning will be a great help in getting a job as an IT professional in the future.

    Based on this experience, I will continue to participate in competitions like GITC.

    Furthermore, I will try to help my friends in similar environment by creating a club related to IT or computer.


    Q. What is your dream and what kind of efforts do you want to make in order to achieve your dream? (250 characters, including space)

    My dream is to become an IT expert. 

    So I am currently taking IT classes through the Internet.

    And I also go to the center for the people with disability every day to receive IT education.

    With these efforts, I want to grow into an IT and program specialist who can handle professional programs in the future.

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