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2019 Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities

Ⅰ About GITC


is a capacity-building project that helps youth with disabilities to overcome their limitations and challenge themselves for a better future by providing them with access to ICT and related experiences improving their ability to leverage information and social participation while setting ICT agendas for participant countries related to disabilities and boosting international cooperation and exchange.


Ⅱ 2019 GITC Overview

● Title: The 2019 Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities (GITC 2019)

● Date: 25 ~ 29 November 2019 (4nights and 5days)

● Place: Busan, Korea

● Participants: Approximately 300 persons from 24 nations

● Official Language: English


Ⅲ GITC at a glance

Category object Main Contents
Prior to
eLearning Youth,
-Training for each competition of the IT Paralympiad
-Selecting participants who have completed eLearning with excellent result through preliminary round.

-eTool Challenge

:to utilize MS-office skill efficiently at school or work

-eLifeMap Challenge

:to improve the ability to respond to a specific situation through web searching

-eContents Challenge

:to develop the ability of promotion by making a video using the Movie Maker

-eCreative Challenge

:to develop the ability to assembly car and programming by using a Scratch program
-Topic presentation and discussion
-Present statement of Implement of GITC in one’s own country and the spread of the achievement



Ⅳ IT Forum

1) Background

● ICT affects the lives of persons with disabilities and their countries.

- There are about one billion persons with disabilities in the world, or 15% of the global population, and of these more than 80% live in developing countries with low ICT Development indexes.

- Owing to the severe information divide, persons with disabilities are being excluded from society, suffering inequality and poverty.


2) Purpose

● IT Forum is a place for discussion toward the better ICT Partnerships.

- We have to contribute to make network and promote ICT policy in each country by holding IT Forum.

- To make GITC’s result be clear, we need to survey objectively for estimating and comparing current status and future.


3) IT Forum overview

● Title: 2019 Global IT Challenge - IT Forum-

● Date: Nov. 26(Tue) 09:30~18:00

● Location: Busan

● Participants: About 70 Government official and experts from all 24 countries.

● Language: English

● Main Content:

-Session 1 : Opening/ Topic Presentation

-Session 2 : National Reports

-Session 3 : Future of GITC

● Qualifications:

1) Government official and teacher/social worker in IT policy or disability field, responsible for reducing the digital gap for persons with disabilities or working in the IT are eligible to attend

2) Should be able to communicate in English

● Request:

1) Submit registration form for IT Forum participants

2) Submit manuscript for the speech at the Forum (one paper for each country)

3) Prefers Chaperones who can use sign language for their youth

※ Guidance to the manuscript for the forum speech

- Theme: Implementation of GITC in each country and the spread of achievement

- Contents:

1. Introducing how to implement eLearning(education) and handle the preparation process of GITC (e.g. national competition, follow up GITC in each country)

2. Sharing strategy for development of a major international event

- Length: More than A4 3pages (English 700~1000 words)

- Duration: 10 min.